Teneo is certified by ISO 14001:2004 and their documented Environmental Management System reflects this certification.

The Directors of Teneo recognise the known environmental implications of their business activities and therefore ensure that every level of operation is carried out to prioritise a high standard of environmental care. 


Teneo is often at the ‘coal face’ in environmental matters. Our geomembrane solutions help contain or isolate effluents, hazardous substances and saline waters that must not be allowed to pollute or escape into the environment. Our liners and covers are also instrumental in the water conservation business, protecting this finite and vital asset.

When defining or implementing environmental arrangements we will:

  • Adopt principles to prevent pollution and generation of waste
  • Adopt changes presented in the Environmental Legislation and Emission Standards and remain compliant with these changes
  • Set objectives and targets for the progressive reduction of significant impacts, strive for best practice and continual improvement
  • Promote the development of improved standards and methods of construction and manufacture that are energy conscious and utilise construction material in an efficient manner
  • Cause materials to be handled and disposed of in a manner that does not damage the environment
  • Cause the impact of the company’s operations on the environment to be controlled in such a manner that the short and long term effects are reduced to an acceptable level
  • Promote and maintain close relationships with the enforcing authorities and environmental organisations as appropriate
  • Promote environmental awareness in their employees and other persons under their control.

Within our operations, Teneo is committed to establishing and maintaining these objectives and targets with the aim of reducing any negative impact on the environment wherever possible.

Our Environmental Policy is available to download here. 

Our Environmental Certification is available to view here

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