Geomembranes and drainage geocomposites are key components in the storage of waste-water and brine within the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry.

The general characteristics of CSG water is that it is brackish with a high ph. The average temperature of CSG brine when stored in ponds is 60°C with maximum temperatures reaching up to as high as 100°C. High quality HDPE geomembranes are well-suited for the containment of this water.

Case Study: Woleebee Creek

Brine Concentrate Pond – Northern Water Treatment Plant


A unique, 7-layer design that exceeds international best practice standards was implemented in 100 days to massive success. Work was concurrent on a number of liner layers and the completed size totalled 536,868m2 of materials.

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Teneo has a proven track record in delivering quality installations on-time and within budget in this sector. Our strict quality control measures and highly trained personnel are key to the overall success of a project, giving the client and other stakeholders the comfort they require for the full-duration of a project.

Brine Storage

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