Teneo can offer a range of bespoke geomembrane solutions to fit your needs. Some standard applications can include water storage, agricultural and aquaculture liners.

Water Storage

Water Storage

Reservoirs for water storage are often lined to avoid losses through porous soil, however, even in some clay-based soils considerable seepage can occur. There are benefits to lining concrete reservoirs too – especially where potable water supplies need to be protected.

HDPE, LDPE and PP are common material choices for lining water storage reservoirs.

Agricultural Liners

Choosing the site for a farm dam is more flexible if it is to be lined, as the location then doesn’t require good holding clays. Depending on the material, these agricultural liners can be factory-fabricated into large sheets and then safely folded and rolled for transport. This reduces the costs associated with sending a full installation team long distances. If no specialised on-site joining is needed, many farmers are willing to install these liners on a DIY basis.

Aquaculture Liners

Fish and prawn farmers often choose to line their ponds because their soil is porous and water is a commodity. Disease control/hygiene can also be easier with lined ponds and bank erosion and turbidity can be controlled more easily meaning cleaner water.

It is advisable that a liner without plasticisers, which may be harmful to fish/prawns, be chosen. HDPE from a reputable manufacturer that is food grade and has good UV resistance is usually the most popular choice.

This decision can be made in consultation with one of our experienced team to make sure that the right product is selected for your project.

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