Modern landfill design incorporates the use of multi-layered, engineered lining systems to assist in the containment and management of domestic and hazardous waste. These systems allow the management and collection of the leachate and gas produced. Geosynthetic lining products also provide solutions to potential issues at a facility such as surface water collection, erosion control and slope stability.

Teneo have specialised in the design, supply and installation of solutions for the waste management industry for over twenty years. Key capabilities include:

  • Landfill Cell Construction
  • Landfill Capping Systems
  • Temporary Capping Systems
  • Leachate Lagoons
  • Surface Water Lagoons
  • Floating Covers
  • Gas Extraction Systems
  • Slope Stabilisation works

Teneo has assembled a team of seasoned engineering professionals, the core of which has been involved with geosynthetics for over 30 years, who can supply consultation and advice to ensure the most cost-efficient and sustainable solution is achieved. Both our quality and professionalism is renowned throughout the industry and our level of experience is second to none.

Our materials are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers, our installation teams consist of experienced TWI or IAGI certified technicians and our permanent multi-layered systems have a design life in excess of thirty years. 

For this reason, we are recognized as the market leading lining company providing solutions to the landfill sector.

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