Teneo has over thirty years of experience in the design, supply and installation of geomembrane and geosynthetic solutions for the oil, gas and energy sectors.Teneo’s installation technicians are highly trained, TWI and/or IAGI certified, to ensure quality installations are carried out safely and to the highest industry standards.

Teneo can supply and install a diverse range of geosynthetic products, sourced from world-leading manufacturers. Correct material selection is essential for the long-term containment of by-products of the oil and gas industries. The extensive and diverse range of experience of Teneo’s design team can provide a cost-effective solution, specifically tailored to suit the client’s needs.

Teneo’s projects range from single to multi-layered systems, incorporating leak detection and ongoing monitoring systems. Our containment systems are designed to contain anything from water to the most aggressive materials. From permanent to temporary storage solutions, Teneo has a range of products and systems to safely and securely store the diverse range of liquids produced by the oil and gas industries. Teneo’s quality systems ensure the highest standards of installation, containment and specification conformance.

The reputation of Teneo and their quality systems has led to the successful completion of high-risk projects for Origin Energy, QGC, Shell and SSE Generation.




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