Lining Up: Issue 2 March 2015

The March edition of DDT Liners’ newsletter features stories about the IAGI Award of Excellence, our 100 Day Pond at Woleebee and recent training outcomes for our staff. 

The 100-Day Pond: An Industry Milestone

The recent completion of the Woleebee Creek project has marked DDT Liners entry into the history books. Commencing on 20 September 2014 and finishing on 13 February 2015, the project included 5 wet days and a three-week Christmas shutdown. Built in 100 days, the 7-layer pond of a total 536,868m2 was fully completed within the set timeframe to the highest possible standard.
Working in conjunction with QGC, Laing O’Rourke and Golder Associates, DDT Liners’ installation processes were put to the test in the best way possible. Our team of up to 50 labourers and technicians often worked concurrently on layers, making their previous experience on large jobs invaluable.

Our teams embodied an outstanding committment to quality, efficiency and safety ensuring that our clients expectations were not only met, but exceeded.

Our innovative installation of the Woleebee Creek Brine Concentrate Pond took DDT Liners to a new standard of excellence. It will have a place of pride in our project history and act as a marker for the industry-leading standard we are capable of repliciating in future ventures.

the 100 day pond

International Winners of the 2015 I2 Award of Excellence

DDT Liners has recently been awarded the international IAGI Award of Excellence 2015 at a ceremony in Portland, Oregon.

The International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI) is the professional association representing geosynthetic material installers and their industry partners.

IAGI strives to provide a forum for geosynthetic material installers and to strengthen the knowledge, image and communication within the industry.

Each year they run the Installation (I2) Awards which are judged by a panel of industry experts and are designed to recognise significant contributions to the field of geosynthetic installation.

DDT Liners won the award for our work on the APLNG project at Reedy Creek. Our submission was for consideration in the ‘Extreme Project’ category, which is for projects where execution required creativity in installation, fabrication or methodology.

Following our success in this category ourtotalpointswerecomparedwith winners across the other fields and, having the highest overall score, we were named the 2014 winner of the Award of Excellence.


(Left to Right) Michael Walsh, Todd Harman (IAGI), Chris Riding & Max Brady accepting the award in Portland, Oregon.)

All staff who worked on the project should be congratulated following this success – we won due to an outstanding performance in the field.

The project allowed us to grow and reach new standards of quality, efficiency and safety at an organisational level and in our practical management, making it a landmark project for our history.

It was a massive undertaking for DDT Liners and was the catalyst for us to move into larger contracts and installations on a much larger scale.


Cert IV in Workplace Health and Safety

During the first week of March, 10 staff participated in an intensive course to obtain their Cert IV in Workplace Health and Safety.

Taking place in Toowoomba, the course was run by the Learning Dimensions Network and was facilitated by our HSEQ Manager Nick Morris.

Constantly upskilling our workforce is a high priority and this course was a great opportunity to better equip our management staff for the job site.

Along with our Operations Director Barry, the supervisors and leading hands who participated in the course became proficient in the detailed aspects of Workplace Health and Safety which will allow them to not only carry out day to day functions but generally help to foster the overall culture of safety at DDT Liners.

Despite a high workload and assignments that followed them home, all 10 were successful in gaining the qualification.

Congratulations to all the staff who participated. Hopefully there won’t be any incidents to put your skills to the test anytime soon!


(Left to Right) Congratulations to Vince Ramsay, Greg McAuliffe, Aaron Pike, Brad Pike, Mark Hughes, Sean Wilkins, Barry Griffin and Shaun Moss as well as James Wellard & Brendan Luddy (Both Absent)


In the past three months we have undertaken a number of smaller jobs that required sending carefully curated teams to various sites for short blocks of time.

Though they haven’t been our usual fare, these jobs have allowed us to extend our range and showcase the full extent of our abilities as an organisation.

From turkey nest liners to new forms of bituminous material, we have engaged with a wide range of materialsandapplications.

Projects at Talinga and Kenya were some of the key jobs for this first quarter, and regularly, the largest task force required was about ten men.

The extra time has also facilitated our training programs, which benefits the organisation in the long term.


Coletanche is a combination of non-woven geotextile and bituminous binder. It is compatible with most materials and can be laid on the majority of soils without worry of UV exposure.

  • It is easy to install and is not affected by rainfall, strong winds or cold temperatures;
  • It has great resistance with a durability greater than 40 years, a capacity to be covered by a wide range of materials and has a friction angle up to 34o greater than any other geomembrane;
  • Maintenance is easy and economical.



60 and Not Slowing Down

Peter ‘Skinny’ Withers has just turned 60 and has officially been an employee of DDT Liners since March 28 2008. One of our longstanding employees, Peter has seen the company go through many changes, and the job technology advance in leaps and bounds.

Staff are now putting timesheets electronically through Timepro, recording QA digitally on the plastic via iPads and uploading certificates to the digital CASSA system. Peter has more than kept up with the tech upgrades and could even teach some others a thing or two.

The work is certainly not for the faint-hearted, so for Peter to have stuck it out with us for so long is a real accomplishment.

All of the Directors both congratulate and sincerely thank you for your service. We hope to have you with us for a few more years to come yet!


Website Revamp


Launching in April, DDT Liners new website will be a big step forward in terms of design and capability. Built by the skilled team at Excite Media, the new site will showcase our capabilities, materials and previous projects.

Designed to be responsive, it will seamlessly adapt to all mobile devices as well as being functional on a large monitor. Professional photography shot by Mike Curtain took the design to the next level and some of our more photogenic staff can add the link to their modelling portfolio.

We are thrilled with the final result and suggest you get online and check it out if you haven’t already.



Meet Tyson Sheedy


tyson.sheedy@ddtliners.com.au | 0428 152 259

This month we had Tyson join the ranks as our newly- appointed Construction Manager.
Hailing from Agnes Waters, he is a keen scuba diver and fisherman who spends most of his time running after his 2-year-old son Jack.

His career so far has been based in earthworks, most recently as the Civil Foreman for Leighton Contractors on the $200 Million APLNG Water Treatment Facility project.

He brings a wealth of experience in management, particularly in environmental applications such as sediment ponds and tailing dams.
We’re excited to have him with DDT Liners – even after finding out he was a Richmond supporter.


Vehicle Safety 101

Australian racing legend Craig Lowndes went out to site to inspire vehicle safety amongst staff, but took time out to cuddle up with Greg and some of the boys.


Unaccompanied site visitor (turtle) who dodged induction at Kenya.

System Upgrades:

Sucessful implementation of Timepro and CASSA in 2015

Over the past couple of months we have been implementing the new Timepro and CASSA systems to improve our timesheet and safety processes.

Timepro is an online system that allows employees to record their own times, as per individual job and task, on their internet-enabled devices. This shift means that both employees and supervisors have a greater responsibility to ensure times are accurate and consistent with Daily Site Reports.

Their entries are double checked,but with everyone adjusting well to the system this becomes less and less of a reconciliation task and more a general check that ensures everyone is accounted for.

CASSA, on the other hand, is an intranet system that works behind the scenes to streamline our storage of employee data including their completed/required training and appropriate tickets.

Staff can access their information and download any required documentation with ease. The system also alerts users whencertifications expire and need to be updated – automating the process and eliminating human error or oversight.

Both of these new systems are aimed at streamlining work processes and taking DDT Liners to new standards of efficiency.

All of our staff should be congratulated on their receptiveness to the new system and their patience with minor kinks throughout the implementation phase.


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