APLNG Upstream Water Treatment Facilities

Phase 1 - Condabri Central

DDT Liners’ project at Condabri Central was contracted by Leighton Contractors on behalf of Origin Energy. The four-pond job ran over two years and formed part of Origin’s larger project that aimed to sustainably treat water from Australia Pacific LNG’s coal seam gas wells so that it could be used for irrigation and re-injection into the underground aquifer and waterways.

Despite a teething process that came from the significant jump in operation size early on, ultimately DDT Liners rose to the challenge and delivered a high-quality project that met high standards of excellence in the areas of quality, efficiency and safety. It was the procedures and calibre of work seen on this site that led to DDT Liners winning a number of future contracts in the LNG and CSG sectors.

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Origin Energy
Leighton Contractors
Project Value
$350 Million
December 2012 till September 2014

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