Brine Concentrate Pond – Northern Water Treatment Plant

Woleebee Creek

DDT Liners’ participation in the Brine Concentrate pond project at Woleebee Creek in conjunction with Queensland Gas Company (QGC), Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction (LORAC) and Golder Associates formed part of a major innovation in the lining field. A unique, 7-layer design that exceeds international best practice standards was implemented in 100 days to massive success. Work was concurrent on a number of liner layers and the completed size totalled 536,868m2 of materials.

The project not only met, but exceeded our client’s expectations with its overall functionality and our attention to quality, efficiency and safety. The entire project was completed in a record 100-days – an industry milestone. Our innovative installation of the Woleebee Creek Brine Concentrate Pond took DDT Liners to a new standard of excellence. It will have a place of pride in our project history and act as a marker for the standard we are capable of replicating in future ventures.

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Golder Associates
Project Value
September 2014 - January 2015
Up to 50

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